Regularise residential encroachments of poors on government land as per 16th Feb 18’s GR

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In Maharashtra state thousands of people residing on government land from many years. Some families are since 30 to 40 years on government land. From Independence Union of India and also state of Maharashtra framed rules to regularise encroachments of poor and needy families. But due to not proper implementation of these resolutions most of encroachments were not regularised. Now to get every needy and poor family a proper roof i.e house central government started ‘housing for all 2022’ scheme. Pradhanmantri aavas Yojana is started to get every family a house. State of Maharashtra Rural development department of Maharashtra passed resolution on 16th February 2018 to regular encroachments of residential purpose upto 1st Jan 2011 with adding some regulations. But if we review the resolutions passed by Rural development department of Maharashtra state in subject of housing scheme we found that these resolutions are not properly implemented. And so, thousands of families in state are waiting to get house for shelter. In this subject matter we want to draw attention on following points-

1)      Ex. Prime minister of India Mrs. Indiraji Gandhi started 20 point programme. The main objective of this programme is to provide every family a proper roof i.e house

2)      Later on many years our current Prime Minister Shri. Narendra modi started PMAY scheme to give every poor and needy family a proper house for their livelihood.

3)      In Maharashtra state thousand of Families are selected as needy families to give them house under PMAY scheme in Gramsabha.

4)      To get benefit of scheme to construct house own land is necessary

5)      But among these selected families thousand of families are landless.

6)      In Poona district rural area 23583 families are selected and approves by district committee for PMAY housing scheme. But In 23583 families 13821 families are landless families. These figure denotes only one district situation. In All Maharashtra state there is same situation.

7)      Central government stated that for PMAY scheme its states duty or liability to provide land for landless families.

8)      In Maharashtra revenue department passed resolution to regularise encroachments of slums up to 1st January 1995 on 4th April 2002.

9)      But in many district this resolution is not implemented properly that’s why thousands  of encroachments are not regularised.

10)  Later on resp. supreme court of India orders to demolish encroachment on government gayaran land on 28 January 2011.

11)  Government of Maharashtra passed resolution on 12 july 2011 to demolish encroachments on government Gayaran land.

12)   In many districts encroachments where demolished with the help of above mentioned GR

13)  But hon’ble supreme court’s order is against practice of  political and rich persons land acquisition. Landless labour, poor, dalit, adivasi families are protected by court. But In Maharashtra state all encroachments including Housing scheme houses, tents and huts of poor families where demolished by government.

14)   Later on from 2015 in many taluka i.e Tahasil level committees under the chairmanship of tahasildar in rural areas and in city area under mahapalika ayukta  where constituted as per 4th april 2002 GR to regularise encroachments on government land. This is happened due to several social workers demand.

15)  These committees constituted all over Maharashtra excluding Mumbai.

16)  But not a single Tahasildar Or Ayukt prepare lay-out of ancroached area as per 4th April 2002’s GR. The committees where constituted to prepare lay-out plan and to submit it to proper authority for its order.

17)  Government officers only make documentary committees and they not take any single step to regular encroachments of families.

18)  In case of housing schemes rural development department started “pandit Dindayal Upadhyay Scheme’ to buy land.  Its stated that family not having land get 50 thousand rupees grant to buy portion of land. (500sq.feet)

19)  But due to many difficulties housing scheme eligible families failed to buy land.

20)  Later on rural department changed some rules and again passed changed resolution of ‘Upadhyay Yojana’.

21)  In this changed resolution on 14th  july 2017 main points are –

A)    Two or more eligible families can buy land jointly

B)    Two or three flours house can be constructed under this scheme

C)    Constitute a committee to take decision to grant government land to landless families.

22)  But all these changes are not implimented properly. As per GR committees were not constituted and so granting of government land once again remain unprocessed.

23)  Now, rural development department of Maharashtra state after 15 years took decision to regularise residential encroachments on government land upto 1st Jan 2011. But this revenue departments subject. As per this GR the main power to regularise encroachments is wasted on ‘Sub divisional officer’ and ‘Tahasildar” of respective taluka level.

24)  If we look in to previous decisions passed by government of Maharashtra in subject matter of housing scheme for all we found that  many government resolutions are not implimented properly. That’s why thousands of encroachments are not regularised. This is subject of revenue department but rural department took a decision and its hopeful. But as mentioned previous, there are less chances of implementation of this resolution. So we pray that

A)    Give order to every CEO of ZP to start impliment this resolution.

B)    In village level “gramsevk’ or “Gramvikas Adhikari” have to submit report of encroachments regularization to respective BDO level.

C)    In many villages Encroachments are not registerd in ‘encroachment register’ by village Talathi. So its necessary to give direction to each talathi to make entries of encroachments in “GAON NAMUNA 1E’

D)    Constitute Committees under the chairmanship of ‘sub divisional officer’ at taluka level.

E)     Give fast decision to regular encroachments of poor and needy families as per 16th  February 2018 resolution.

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