Punish Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli for humiliating a man on social media

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Today it was This Man, Tomorrow it can be you!!!!!
No one should be given right to Defame/Shame anyone on social media like Mr. Virat Kohli did...

Virat Kohli, should apologize on social media for shamming the man and delete the video from social media. 

The man, by littering on road has definitely done a mistake but the act of Anushka Sharma and Virat kohli is not justified at all.
They have no right to post such video on social media without hiding the man's face. I find it offensive, this act could effect the man's mental health forever by the embarrassment he will face rest of his life.

No point of defaming the person , They clearly violated his privacy by putting up a video in which his face is visible! So cheap way to seek publicity.

The crime which Anushka And Virat have committed is much bigger than littering, i.e. by defaming and humiliating the man on social media.

Celebrities don’t need to promote themselves when supposedly attempting a good thing.While the man was apologetic for his carelessness, the video should not have been uploaded on social media to shame and defame the man.

Everyone being a citizen of country and a human on earth have right to correct people who make mistake by littering, but no one has right to shame anyone for littering on social media.