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Preventive measures for the Public first then Public Representatives

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States spend thousands of crores to protect Officers, Ministers, Babus, etc. by providing them personal and excessive security to "prevent any harm" to be caused to those persons.

When it comes down to us common people, No actual preventive measures are provided for our safety. All we are remedied with, is procedure; wherein any wrong if "sufficiently proved beyond resonable doubt", at most the officer is suspended or fired. See the recent #KamalaMillsFire. We can already see the agencies juggling through words to shift the blame at othet departments, and point fingers against them, to maintain their public image. But at the end of it, 14 lives were lost, 14 families destroyed, and will spend the next few years awaiting justice. 

Until now, the Lawmakers have ignored to place sufficient modes of deterring public servants to commit such wrongs. In fear of lenghty procedure, most wrongs are not reported. 

So why not turn it the other way around?

What if such excessive security was removed, and whoever caused any harm to such Officers, Ministers, Babus, etc., those accused could be prosecuted by the system, through the due process of law, just like how its made available to all of us? In other words, act opon "after" any wrong is committed, whether civil or criminal. Fast Track courts can be established to try such matters as well.

Simultaneously, just to be fair, since we are the ones to protect the rights and interests of, the state authorities are appointed, a system must be imposed whereby preventive measures are taken to protect our lives, rights & interests first, by utilizing such newly freed resources. 

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Disclaimer: This is not a rhetorical or defamatory post nor a mockery of any person(s) or agency whatsoever, rather is an avenue by which the interests of people at large can be protected.

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