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Phone Theft - No Action from Police Ever for Any Citizens

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Hi Citizens,

As we know cell phone is our part of life. Its playing a crucial role on daily basis. I.e. We all know what are the basic usage of our cell phones on daily life. You have contacts, Messages, Important docs, you are carrying your bank within it etc. I took only few names. However everybody is aware how important it is.

As a regular routine you are travelling on street, roads, railways, etc and all of sudden you realise your phone is missing. You came to know it has been stolen by someone. There will be a big shock in front of you.

You can imagine the situation, you were supposed to call someone for an important meeting  and you dont know that guy contact number and due to that, meeting dosent go ahead. Your deal got cancelled, you can not bear such kind of loss.

This was an example. 

Further point i will tell if we are owning the phone defiantly we know its various security feature. You have already enabled it. I.e Android device Administration, google tracker, third party apps etc.

However when phone gets theft, immediately the thief switch off your phone, you can call, you can not track, i mean you are helpless by the time.

Further you go police station, they will log a complaint, they will give you a FIR copy of it but they will never try to find your phone. They will advise you to come police station and flow-up on your case. If we will find we will give it to you. 

Further you can go to your service provide like, Vodafone, Airtel etc, they will also not help finding your phone through IMEI no. 

But as usual all know this is miracle if someone have ever got his phone if lost. I have never seen in my life though. 

One day i went to Andheri Police station and there was a big queue for lost phone complaint. I asked one of the police office have you recovered any phone yet. He said "Follow-up karate rahana bata denge " thats ridiculous.. 

All i am trying to say we all should unite on this point and raise this complaint up to our Hon. CM Mr. Devendra F and make him aware that in Mumbai there are many thief gang who are travelling Borivali To Churchgate and in a day minimum 100 phones are being lost by people.

There should be some steps taken so that either that phone can be blocked by IMEI so that it wont be usable in any condition.

If phone wont be usable then defiantly they will stop such kind of crime and "Common Citizen" can be safe.  



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