Petition against Layoff's in IT ( Maharashtra CM)

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This petition is against wrongful layoffs being carried out currently in the Indian IT companies. This is to protest the way companies are removing employees without proper procedures and on prejudice. A wrong decision against one employee is a wrong decision against one family!!

Honorable Shri Devendra Fadnavis,

Chief Minister Maharashtra State.

 This is to bring to your kind notice the current layoff that's been happening in the Indian IT sector. Honorable Chief Minister, at the outset we would like to mention very clearly that it is not just against these layoff's that we are writing to you, but the execution of the same is worrying.

 Any business is challenging and we agree tough decisions need to be taken. In the IT industry with the technological disruptions happening we will continue to see a lot of jobs to be replaced by automation and AI. This is bound to happen and in some ways very right too for the world in general.  While we are not arguing and cannot agree more to this trend. The impacts of this and response by business to this new wave seems very haphazard and not planned at all. This was seen coming a long time ago and gained tangible traction in past 3-5 years , but seems Indian IT cared less as  the billing hours were more than optimum.

Now that Indian IT as waken up, rather rudely by this shock. They are simply passing it to the employees without any concern for their rights.

Honorable Chief Minister , We would like to have your immediate intervention in this matter and urge the government to act swiftly and firmly in streamlining this "Layoff" process in the industry as per the laws and safeguard the rights of the employees.

We would request that, the layoff mechanism be structured and adequate severance package be given to the affected employees and there shouldn't be any room for business to play-around with this. We have listed few of our demands and we are sure you will address them.

 1.       The State Government should instruct companies to stop arbitrary layoffs, insist that practice of forced resignation ends, and follow formal procedures and modes of communication.

2.       The State Government should strongly recommend that companies to focus on re-training and increase up-skilling efforts for its own employees, instead of laying off them.

3.       The state government must set up an inquiry about the effect of layoffs on IT women employees. Women employees are easy targets to coerce into submitting resignations in this situation.

4.       The government must compel the IT companies to stop using under performance as an excuse and make the appraisal process more transparent and scientific.

 5.       The government must regulate working hours in the IT industry. Today, employees are under tremendous pressure and are working 12-14 hours a day in some cases.

6.       Employees who face coercion, arbitrary termination, unreasonable working hours or sexual harassment do not have adequate support from the law and the government. Hence, we demand that the exemption from Industrial Employment (Standing orders) Act 1946 be revoked and not extend further.

7.       Compensation for employees laid off should be in terms of In-hand salary with minimum 3 months of pay and in addition each month of salary for the number of years spent with the organization. This should be minimum package for the lowest band and should vary upwards for higher bands.

8.       Special Internal committee should be in place to check on unlawful lay-offs and government should setup fast track IT tribunal for employees who want to challenge it in the court of law.

9.       Employees going through Legal route should not be blacklisted by IT companies and their BGV (Background verification) should not include the legal battle they are fighting in court in terms of employment.

We are eager to discuss this further with you and are looking forward for your intervention in this matter.

With high hopes and kind regards,

Indian IT Employees.