Paperless Digital Thesis to save papers, save jungles, save earth.

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We the students of post graduation degree course have to submit thesis work every year. Our educational system teaches us to save trees in our school time. By the time we reach post graduation course each and every student has to prepare thesis to submit to university or respective educational institution.

Each thesis set of 13 copy books has to be submitted, each copy needs A4 sized 100 pages of good thickness paper (atleast 85 gsm) material. This means every thesis submitted has A4 size 1300 pages good thickness papers (atleast 85 gsm). Weighing 10+kg of paper.

These are read only by few examiners and only for one time in their lifetime. Do you think it is worth saving paper in this digital age? If yes, please ask all educational systems to follow strict rules to save papers, wherever possible. Only one or at maximum 2 copies can be enough to submit in paper form. Rest of the academicians can be asked to check thesis on electronic media.

I hope you will do the needful on national level to save papers, save earth and save environment.

Thank you.