Open Letter to C. M. of Maharashtra - " Noise- the Silent Killer "

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Hon Shri Devendra Phadnavis and Shri Ashish Shelar,
Respected Sir,

You both are Sr.Advocates and are efficient Administrators.I would like to apprise you about the ill effects faced by people 
because of Noise Pollution / Air Pollution in their day to day life. It affects their physical and psychological health adversely.
Let us judge from the following points:

1. Under article 21,people have the right to enjoy good health, peaceful life and restful sleep.

2. Noise Perpetrators have no such right to make noise and disturb others.Unfortunately under the guise of tradition,culture
and religion,India has become one of the noisiest countries in the World.

3 ".Noise Pollution " is a very recent concept since 1940s/50s in advanced countries like,U S A, Europe, U. K,Japan etc.

4. In India we learnt about Noise Pollution from W H O in 1980.

5. As a medical Consultant, I was amazed to learn about widespread ill effects of Noise Pollution like High B P, Mental
irritation, lack of sleep etc affecting peoples' physical and psychological health very adversely.

6. After we filed 3 PILs in Bombay High Court in 1985,1995 and 2003 on Noise Pollution,the topic became generally known
and people obtained some relief from Noise Menace.

7.Somewhere in mid 1970s, Home Minister in Delhi allowed the Mosques to fix Loudspeakers atop their Premises for prayers.
This started disturbing people living in the neighborhood. The Home Minister did not think it necessary to take peoples' opinion
on the issue.This Political decision started religious rivalry and created bad blood between various religions.
Temples, Gurudwaras, Churches also fixed Loudspeakers atop their premises to compete and prove their superiority!

8. In 1984, when we started anti noise campaign, we received more than 700 letters of complaints from people all over Maharashtra, 
some from Gujarat and South.

9. A doctor from Pachora, Jalgaon district wrote a very pathetic letter. His village was sandwiched between mosque and the temple
who used to start Loudspeakers blaring at the top from early morning to late night! People were going mad and could not work.
Complaints to the DSP,.Collector and even Chief Minister could not bring any relief!

10. Kindly get the gist of 2 judgments of the Supreme Court of India on Noise Pollution [ 30th Aug 2000 , Justices M.B.Shah
and R.S.Phukan ,July/Oct 2005- CJI Lahoti and J Ashok Bhan.

As Sr Advocates, you will find very authentic information about Noise Pollution,it's ill effects and way to protect people from the Noise Menace.

With Regards,
Founder Secretary Anti Noise Pollution Committee Mumbai. (1984)

Pune, 10th July 2017,,