Mumbai Entry and Exit Toll - Traffic Jam

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All vehicles must pay a toll at Entry points in Mumbai. Toll is being collected both ways ie at time of entry and at time of exit.

Over the years, traffic has significantly increased, unfortunately the road width has not. The number of toll booths are not adequate to clear the traffic quickly.

There is an easy solution to the problem. Toll must be collected just one way. I am recommending at the time of exit (North Bound/East Bound). The toll to be collected should be for both directions (₹70 for now).

With toll collection being restricted to just one way, the entire road width (all toll booths) will be available for toll collection thus doubling the capacity of the toll booths and significantly reducing the waiting time.

There is no revenue impact to the government. The savings are enormous - faster traffic, less fuel, less pollution. This can be implemented within 30 days.

Let us seek a change and make travel in and out of Mumbai fast.