Make the destroyers compensate!

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Whenever there are conflicts, public property gets targeted the most when riots breakout. The agitated party showcases their anger by destroying public property in the name of 'protests.'

 Closing down shops, schools, blocking the trains forcefully affects everyone unnecessarily. Both Dalits and Marathas took to the streets and staged 'rasta roko' protests across Maharashtra, including Mumbai. The Eastern Express highway remained blocked for eight hours.

There is no strict action taken against the destroyers. They go on hitting innocent citizens for no reason. A youngster lost his life during the recent Bhim-Koregaon conflict because of the huge stones that were thrown at him when he was passing by.

  • His family received a compensation of 10 lakh rupees from Maharashtra government. But, is a sum of 10 lakh rupees going to fill the void of their son who lost his life when he didn't even do anything wrong?

The ones who did all this roamed around freely while the rest of the people were stuck in various places because of the blocked transportation.

  • Maharashtra government suffered a loss of 700 crore rupees in just 48 hours during the recent conflict in Maharashtra.

We all work hard to earn money and pay the taxes but are we paying taxes for this? To let someone just destroy everything which is again going to get compensated by our money. It's high time to tell everyone that Vandalism will not be tolerated at all!

Locking them up is not the solution. It's not going to make them pay for the loss. Their property and other belongings should be confiscated and that money should be used to repay for the destruction caused by them. The minute violence starts while protesting strict action should be taken against them. People don't think about the  image they are sending out about our country when they do all this. It damages the image.

Please help me in protecting public property by signing this petition.

Picture credits - India Today

      Petitioner                                                             Mansi Sinha