Maharashtra SSCBoard 10th Std, Reclaim 80-20 Pattern for Languages & Social Science Sub

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1.      In Maharashtra, majority of our population has average income and can’t afford higher fees of ICSE/CBSE, so our students opt for SSC only. They should be encouraged to compete with ICSE/CBSE but on contrary, by stopping the oral/internal marks for language & social science subjects, we are depriving them from opportunity of higher studies.

2.      Government in the past has taken several measures to attract and encouraged rural, poor and working class people of average income to send their children to schools so that they can shape better future for them. In the past, Maharashtra Government had adopted measures like free meal, exemption from fees, free distribution of books etc, but now this rule of removal of oral 20 marks each in all subjects have discouraged us.

3.      In urban Maharashtra also, people who have high regards for SSC have admitted their children into SSC instead of ICSE/CBSE considering that our children would learn state level studies including languages. Our  students are learning “Marathi, Hindi languages whereas ICSE/CBSE compensating our SSC students, today’s government is depriving them from scoring higher percentage and good choice of colleges.

4. This year SSC board 10th Std syllabus has changed, exam pattern is also changed & addition to this internal marks for languages & social sciences has been removed. So, all these in a single year created pressure on the students.

On 11th Nov 2018, Shivsena delegation initiated by MLC Adv. Anil ji Parab, Vilas ji Potnis, Dr. Manisha Kayande, Yuvasena Core Committee Member Sainath Durge, MU Senate Member - Dr. Supriya Karande, Milind Satam, Adv. Vaibhav Thorat and Nikhil Jadhav met Hon'ble School Education Minister Shri. Vinod Tawade ji on this issue & discussed and he assured to form a committee on this subject matter. But till date no action has been taken, no relief given to the students and their parents.

Eventually, due to all above reasons, students are under tremendous stress and pressure to score well and compete 100 marks question paper in time. This stress eventually might be dangerous and to prevent any unpleasant incidents, it is our humble request to continue this Oral Marks of 20 each in all the subjects plus method of Best 5 should also be continued.

We trust that immediate action would be taken in this respect.

- Shivsena & Yuvasena affiliated "Indian School Parent's Association.