Maharashtra Government Digitization is going in wrong way

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In india Maharashtra state is in front line of digitization for all major government website and portals. But Changes and improvements, support are not done as fast, proper and valuable for citizens as they should be. Aadhar portal, FSSAI portal, Aaple sarkar, Maharojgar, Mahakamgar, Software for Assessment of Disability, Mahabhulekh, common service center(CSC) all these and many of other websites have very poor service as well as having server load all the time. As compare to private website like google, facebook, twitter, youtube, nsdl, income tax department, etc.... Maharashtra government own websites are has very far from technology and server speed as it should be...... . Now a days Large amount of Economy is invested for Digitization in india by our government, Then why are citizens facing problems, bearing expenses and mental harrashment due to Digitization problems.