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Living being status for mumbai rivers. ( dahisar, poinsur, oshiwara & mithi rivers )

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Since  centuries,  The  Hindu have been believing that  PANCHMAHABHOOTA ( earth , vayu , aakash , agni  and  JAL )  is the basis  of  all cosmic  creations.  Hindus  have been   worshipping all five  like  any other  god  or  goddesses

Especially  JAL (  RIVERS ).  It has been observed from Mohenjo-Daro  era,  that  RIVERS  has been a reason  for  creation ,  existence  and destruction of  several civilisations. And  that is  the  reason  we call it  NADI mata.   Even the  Mythological veda’s  has said  about  bravery of   GANGA PUTRA,    BHISHMA.   In  today’s  world,  every  entity  needs  to  prove  their  existence  in legalities,  and hence   the  RIVERS,  whom  we have been giving a respect of  a living  being (  goddess )  for so many  centuries,  now  the  world  has  started  doing  it.   First  the Whanganui river  in   NewZealand  ,  and  then   INDIA  declaring   Ma Ganga  and  Yamuna ji  as  a living  entity  and giving them the  well deserved  rights.

It is  said that one  river  gives  existence to  a  civilisation ,   while  MUMBAI,  a  metro  civilisation  deserves  and  is  blessed  with  four  rivers  Dahisar ,  Poinsur , Oshiwara and  Mithi.. ,  All four  originating ,  flowing  through  and  meeting  the  Arabian  sea   within  the  man made  city  limits of  MUMBAI. And  hence , it can be  rightly  said  that  all the  nature given  water  in this  rivers belong to  we  the  MUMBAIKARS.  

It is  irony,  that inspite of  having  blessings of  four  rivers, we   bring  our  usable  water from  80 kms distance,  and  now  we  further intend  to bring more water from 150 kms. And  at the same  time,  allow  the  greed of  mumbaikars (  including  the  politicians,  the  authorities , and  the  contractors ,  who  are  first  mumbaikars  and then  their  respective roles. )  to  play  with  our MOTHER  RIVERS.  

Every year, we spend  huge  amount  on the health  of our mother rivers.,   but  unfortunately the  greed of  mumbaikars  is  still not  able  to  recognise,  that  the  mother  which  has the power of  creation also has the  strength  of  destructing  any  civilization,  In  history  we  have  observed  that  when  the   Mother  river is  disrespected and  disturbed, she  has  been  reason  for  destruction  ,  (  how  can  we  forget  her  warnings  of  2005 )  

We  the  group  of  mumbaikars,  under  the  name  of  RIVERMARCH,  humbly  request  you  to  save  our  Mother  rivers (  dahisar, poinsur , oshiwara and mithi  rivers )  ,   In today’s  world  as  it is said,  that  even  a  GOD  needs to  prove  its legal  existence, 

we  Request  you  to  bestow the status of living entity for  our  Mumbai  rivers  ( dahisar ,  poinsur , oshiwara , and  mithi  rivers )  granting them  all legal  rights,  duties  and  liabilities like  any  human being ,  as  for  us  the  mumbaikars, it  is  no  less  than   Ma Ganga  or  Yamuna ji.

Thanking you,

A rivermarcher mumbaikar


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