Let Panvel Municipal Commissioner, Dr. Sudhakar Shinde, complete his full term.

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Dear Honourable Chief Minister,

It is just about a year since you made the decision to transfer back Dr. Sudhakar Shinde to Panvel as its Municipal Commissioner. This step was warmly welcomed by one and all. 

As already communicated by petitioners earlier (refer to https://www.change.org/p/devendra-fadnavis-believe-me-we-saw-it-for-the-first-time Dr. Sudhakar has come across to all of us as a highly dynamic, accessible and hard working government officer. 

During the last year, we have witnessed commendable enterprise and strategic thinking from the Commissioner in tackling the many decades-old problems that the Panvel municipality faces, of which the speedy and smooth transfer from CIDCO to the newly formed Panvel Muncipal Corporation is one.

Many will also vouch for, including myself, that the Commissioner is a down-to-earth individual who goes the mile to listen to the daily challenges faced by the common citizens of Kharghar, Kalamboli and Panvel among others.    

It is such honest, committed officers that inspire us Indians to retain our hopes of living in a just and progressive society. 

Given his style of working and his no-nonsense attitude to corruption and illegalities, he is bound to face some resistance and challenges - as has been seen in the recent news about a few protests from a section of people.

Dear CM, it is our humble request to you: Please give Dr. Sudhakar Shinde a chance to complete his full term as Panvel Municipal Commissioner.

It will not only be the appropriate thing to do. By remaining steadfast in your support to him - you and your government will definitely win the hearts of common people by giving honest hardworking officers the freedom and space to carry out their duties.

Thanking you very much!

From the bottom of my heart. 

Yours sincerely,

Nareshchandra Singh