Law to stop Bandhs / Strike calls by political parties and fringe groups in Mumbai/MH

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Political Parties and Fringe Groups call for Strike / Bandh when things don’t go their way and when they see the bandh is not successful then they sort to destructive means through their supporters - damaging property and life to make their point.

The administration negotiates to stop the violence and gives in to their demands and never books the culprits for their shenanigans. 

These protestors, most of the time belong to communities which are political vote banks for political parties and hence the administration doesn’t act against them and give the common people affected by the Strike / Bandh only lip service! Even if peaceful, these cause a huge traffic situation in metros/cities, particularly in Mumbai. 


There should be a law to stop this. People calling for a Bandh should be immediately Jailed for appropriate term cause it affects our fundamental right of freedom to movement and tries to instill fear in people to make their point. They should be considered non-bailable offender at the time till they give up such demands.

Laws should include clauses of accommodating freedom of expression trying to be expressed by these strikers. Example - Political / social-cause rallies should be given permission only on Public / Weekly Holidays during non peak hours. 


Let’s make our Indian / Maharashtrian cities livible again! Make stringent laws so that Strike/Bandhs are stopped once and for all.

I urge all common citizen / non vote bank citizen affected by such incidences to sign this to show our political class that when we come together for a cause, we are bigger than any other vote bank they are trying to appease.

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