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Justice for the victims of Mumbai Elphinstone road station tragedy.#abaurnahi

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The catastrophic tragedy that shook the nation on the fateful day of 28th September 2017(The Elphinstone road station stampede resulting in a death toll of 32,and injuring many more) was a very gut wrenching and blood curdling incident.The heart wrenching images that emerged were indirectly posing a question for us;that "this will continue happening..what will you do about it? Because yet again this news and all the agitation will die down in a few days and life will be back to normal.Yet again under the guide of Mumbai's never say die attitude, incident will be forgotten".This acted as a catalyst and immediately ignited that spark in me which i hope will also spark millions of youngsters like me across the country.Two things need a revolutionizing paradigm shift and change; 1)The "care about ourselves,even if it means harming others" mentality.. this senseless tragedy could have easily been averted had the people demonstrated a tad bit of sympathy and their  presence of mind and acted sensibly..which is more crucial  then i can emphasize in these situations.People need to realize that acting frantically in such situations can only aggravate the situation,not improve it. and 2) The lax,apathetic bureaucratic attitude rampant in the Indian govt. machinery. Conditions regarding the fragile condition of the decaying 102 years old bridge was brought to the authorities' notice numerous times,but it fell on deaf ears.The train delays caused unfathomable mayhem on the station,which was poorly managed owing to the lack of an adequate infrastructure to handle such situations. Help arrived late,situation worsened and then the typical political gimmicks and blame game started. Everyone started shaking their responsibilities off. The common,innocent citizens at the end suffered.Do our netas have the guts to commute through this hellish transport system we bear for 365 days,like a sheep packed in the truck? Do they really believe that this is what the people who attach so much faith and hopes with them should be subjected to? The screams and the agony of these people..will it let their bribe ridden selves sleep? It was dubbed as a "tragedy waiting to happen"..what could be a more saddening,exasperating statement then this! 

Like after every tragic incident, the spirit of Mumbai is hailed. Let this time be different. For once , let the power of people bring government to its senses. Let that be a fitting tribute to the 32 souls those who lost their lives for no fault of theirs.     

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