Justice For Kalpesh

Justice For Kalpesh

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On Sunday, 09th June 2019 An over speeded Ertiga Car rammed into 6 persons who were waiting for a bus at bus stop, killed 2 youths and brutally injured 4 peoples at Sewri, Mumbai. 

Our friend Kalpesh Dharse, age 25 were killed along with his cousin Darshan Patil, age 18 in this horrible accident. The accident took place only because of the fault of the driver of the Eartiga car, Wife of Shahbaz Iliyas Baid,age 28. As per the eyewitnesses Shahbaz and his wife were in the car and both of them were under the high influence of alchoal when the car rammed into the bus stop. Wife of Shahbaz was driving the car by sitting on the lap of Shahbaz. Car was at a speed of over 100km/hr. One can easily come to know the brutality of the accident by the condition of the car after accident.

Kalpesh is the only child of his mother. His father were died 14 years ago. Kalpesh was living with his mother and he was the only support to his mother for her living. Kalpesh was also a well known personality in the Sewri area. He was Socially Activated amongst the peoples. He was very Helpful person.  

A Mother lost her only reason of living by the death of her son. And all this happend because of the two bastards. And still the Police are not taking it seriously.

At first the Kidwai Nagar Police Station,Sewri,Mumbai delayed the process to file the FIR against Shahbaz & his wife by stating reason of lack of evidence. But when evidrnce were given by friends of Kalpesh and a crowd of more than 400 angry peoples showed their protest, media were arrived then the police system came into the action. But still they only lodged IPC Acts related to Rash Driving & Drink n Drive only which are bailable offences instead of Non-Bailable IPC ACT  336 337 338 304A.

This is totally because of Money Power possesed by the offenders on Police.

But we want a justice for our beloved brother KALPESH DHARSE. This act is not only an accident but a "Human Killing Act". And the offenders should be hanged or atleast being imprisoned for lifetime.

Police are not supporting us. They are totally in the favour of saving Shahbaz and his Wife due to Money power. 

We want Justice for Kalpesh & his mother.