Justice for Baby Ehan. He went away too soon.

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STOP HARASSMENT AT WORK! Why did you increase the tenure of maternity leave, Mr Modi? It’s a matter of discontent with employers.

Employers harassment over maternity leave because of a personal issue causes loss of innocent CHILD'S LIFE

Amrita Sachdev who was a very senior employee with the Caravela hotel in Goa since 2016, tragically lost her child as a result of mental anguish and torment she was subjected to because she was pregnant and opted to take leave for the advised bed rest and refused to be the alibi for extra marital affair with.

As soon as we got to know, Amrita informed verbally and electronically in June 2018 that she shall be requesting the company for maternity leave, as was her legal right to do so. represented to her that it was all OK and that Hotels and Resorts India Ltd would be happy to sanction her the maternity leave per India’s current laws. He even visited her at home on June 27, 2018 and suggested that she continue to avail her balance of Privilege leave (earned paid leave as per contract) but requested her to work during the length of leave and be available on phone and emails. He also suggested work from home as an option till 08 weeks prior to delivery when she could commence her maternity leave after she exhausted her PL. She was happy to comply to his suggestions and work all through her ‘privilege leave’ through June and July and was always available on phone and emails. On completion of her PL, made another surprise visit to her home on July 26, 2018 and abruptly withdrew the sanction of working from home. (This was for some obvious personal reasons). She resumed work in the Mumbai office (Nariman Point) on August 01, 2018, the day he forced her to work on the coming weekend (Sunday) and asked her to travel to Goa knowing well the risk that could arise from it, which she unfortunately complied to, after no amount of strong resistance from her part seemed to emanate any sympathy from him.

Upon her return from Goa, the physical stress of travelling and other emotional, psychological and mental trauma that she endured following a personal spat had with a mutual ‘lady’ friend (hired by the company) took its toll on her.  for his own selfish reasons, wanted her to resolve this spat during her visit, which she denied as this was completely personal, immoral, unethical and unnecessary and was never on the agenda. Please note that she barely attended the meeting scheduled on day 01 as seemed to find an almost full day discussion on this personal matter more important. On day 02 too she spent a major part of the day discussing this matter with him. He was not present at all on day 03 (Sunday) for a sales heads meet wherein he was supposedly scheduled to discuss the smooth functioning of the sales department during the time she would not be physically available in office.

The stress was unbearable and as a result she suffered immediate consequences and complications – unfortunately she was admitted to the hospital on August 08, 2018, with serious threat to her pregnancy. This was followed by her request for ‘leave without pay’ starting August 2018 as she was advised bed rest till further notice. she sent an email to this effect to on August 08, 2018 to which he responded by asking her to “take care”. Since the complication got severe, she was advised to continue bed rest till further notice. This was conveyed to via email on August 13, 2018 without receiving a response. Instead of empathy, his harassment to me got worse.

In fact, everything took a turn for the worse. It was as if suddenly she was interacting with a different person. He stopped taking her calls or responding to her emails. And erased all her records/ deleted all her data, stopped her access to emails and official whatsapp groups, barred her mobile services etc. without any notice or intimation to her. And then, out of the blue, to our total stunned disbelief, shock and anguish, She received a “termination of services” email on August 16, 2018 back dated August 11, 2018.

Without giving her a cause, reason or warning – She was conveniently discarded from the company. We have complained to the board of directors who have not even acknowledged our complaint let alone respond to it.

We will never forget that 16th day of August. Within 30 minutes of getting the termination letter, her umbilical cord prolapsed. She was going through a miscarriage. The shock of termination and the ensuing distress commenced the death of our baby. Our sweet baby boy – Ehan – died on August 17, 2018 – after five months in her womb.

Although no words are enough to describe our grief – I do know this. Our miscarriage was in fact a murder. A silent murder of Ehan, our child, by who for reasons we will never know, decided to go against not just humanity but also legality – when Amrita was terminated for no apparent reason. is 100% responsible for taking our child away from us.

I am unsure of how to describe the physical, mental and emotional brutality Amrita went through while she was waiting for the consideration and written approval of maternity leave, which was promised and legally owed to her. actions, were and are, unconstitutional and unethical and a violation of all things human.

Our shock and trauma continue to devastate us and our family’s lives. I see no end to our pain. You cannot even envision the mental torture we go through with every breath we take. Amrita is suffering from severe clinical depression.

So with this letter, we demand justice for Ehan Sachdev and request your help in getting us justice. I demand that Ehan’s story prevent any further stories where Amrita and Ehan will never be able to trade kisses. And the grandparents who will never hear Ehan’s laughter. And the Masis who will never be able to take Ehan on fun sprees. And the Chacha and Bua who will never be able to spoil our sweet Ehan...

...because Ehan is gone way too early. And Ehan never got a fair shot. And Ehan is now a death certificate because of 

I also implore that no more company employees are subjected to such senseless killing. Not ever. And definitely not in the new, progressive India of the 21st century.

I humbly request our story to be considered and help us to:

Take action and fight against for his unconstitutional, unethical and inhuman actions.

Grant Ehan Sachdev justice by making his death count by filing an immediate FIR.

Gratefully and in duress.