Justice appeal to my son Sourav choudhary age 12 yrs.

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Saurabh Chaudhary, my youngest child, a cheerful boy of age 12 was playing cricket with his friends in the premises of NMMC school.

It was their usual daily routine since the start of their summer vacations. This school premises was also their daily play location.

On the morning of 25th May 2018, Saurabh and his elder brother Gaurav were playing cricket with their cousins and neighborhood friends on this usual at NMMC school premises.

While playing, their cricket ball was getting flung outside the school premises though the gate on multiple occasions that day.

They realized that this was due to the gate left open by an autorickshaw driver who had entered through it. So, they took it upon themselves to close the gate which was an enormous weighing close to a ton.

While attempting to close the gate, it got uncoupled and came crashing down on them. While most of them managed to run away, Saurabh and one of his neighborhood friend weren’t sadly able to.

The gate fell completely on Saurabh and on a leg of his friend. They both got grievously injured due to this and had to be urgently shifted to hospital.

Saurabh sadly couldn’t make out of this alive as he succumbed to his injuries while being operated upon.

The life of my child cannot be brought back, no matter what we do. We’re left completely shattered by the untimely loss of our beloved son. Our grief is beyond being expressed by words!

The sheer negligence of NMMC, the contractor, school authority and everyone involved in this is so heinous that there was no security guard to protect a badly welded gate of 1 ton. Such a big construction should have been handled with some sense of professionalism and responsibility, at least when small children are around it.

However, we demand justice to be served to him.

His life was lost due to the utter negligence on the part of NMMC school as well as civic authorities. The Fortis Hiranandani hospital Vashi, too, had delayed his admission by roughly 20 minutes under the pretext of getting hospitalization formalities done.

A formal FIR was also lodged with the police!

We are currently running from door to door of all these organizations in pursuit of justice; and we’ve been let down every time by every single of those.

The civic and NMMC school authorities have not yet taken any action against the people involved. The police are even yet to make any headway in this case. The hospital too has refused to undertake any responsibility for the delay on their part!

We therefore intend, through this post, to generate public pressure on all the organizations involved to take rightful actions on the wrongdoers which shall culminate into true justice for Saurabh.

The respective authorities of Koparkhairane Sector-11 Municipal School, civic body NMMC (Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation), Fortis Hiranandani hospital Vashi and Koparkhairane Police Station need to be hard-pressed to act on this!

It is their designated as well as moral responsibility to set an example by bringing the wrongdoers to justice and prevent any such recurrence.


I, Sunil Chaudhary, father of Saurabh, along with my family, appeal to you all to lend us your determined support in this fight for Saurabh’s justice!