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How long are we going to tolerate accidental deaths on our potholed roads ! Enough !

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This Sunday we lost another young life. Once again the blame game started and everyone but the actual culprits i.e. The road contractors and the decision makers who seem content simply reading about this in the news but doing nothing except lining their pockets by giving the same contractors job over job first for building new roads with substandard materials and then new contracts for repaving the same roads that were supposed to last for years.

For how long are the public going to stay quiet and fight a faceless system that neither cares or reacts to all of this ? Is it not clear and visible for all to see that the condition is only deteriorating day by day ? All one has to do is get into any mode of transport and drive or ride along to see the sorry state of these roads. The shocking part is that these are not limited to by roads or alleys but main highways and roads which are used by millions of citizens of our country and yet there is neither any political will nor response ??

My question Shree Fadnavis is for how long do u think your citizens will tolerate this ? What has happened on all the international visits made by our ministers to learn about best practices come to ? How many accidents and deaths will it take to respond and hold those responsible to task ! PleAse don't let a time come when the public reacts to all of this as they will and the time is near as we are fed up and horrified and have waited for answers too long. We need action and need it now !

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