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Harassment by NMMC Corporator's brother and threatening to kill me for my smoking habit.

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My name is Robert Lobo aged 52 years residing at Airoli.I had purchased a flat in Digambar Shanti Apartments, Sector-20,Airoli Navi Mumbai from the land owner's Mr.Rohit Joshi and Mr.Uday Joshi.The building was built by Mr.Akash Madhvi, the NMMC Corporator for Ward no.14,Airoli.He is also the son-in-law of the opposition leader of NMMC.Mr.Vijay Chaugule.My neighbour is the brother of the said corporator.I have been staying with my mother aged, 72 who is a widow and heart patient.My wife is a teacher for a private school.My neighbour was always fighting since last month saying that you shouldn't smoke in your house otherwise I will beat you. I had not taken that so seriously, but one fine day he fought very badly and threatened to kill me.I had a discussion with Akash Madhvi, the corporator and builder.But he supported his brother and warned me not to smoke in my house, otherwise his brother has every right to harm me as he is a goonda without any criminal record and he can go to any extent to kill me. After that I stopped smoking in my own flat and the buiding premises.Even then his false allegations continues and his wife Tejashree Madhvi says that I should be hanged to death.Smoking is not a crime, but still to avoid to be insulted or get a beating, I do smoke nearly 100 metres away from my building.The corporator or so called Nagar Sevak supports his brother and his wife for all this kind of criminal conspiracies.

My mother,a senior citizen lives in fear as they often insult her and threaten her.I  living a life filled with terror and fear that anytime they might attack me, as our doors are just a 4 feet distance with a common lift. The local police haven't taken any action even after registering a F.I.R. because of the power of a NagarSevak and close relationship with the opposition leader.

Now my inability to protect myself from the acts of goondaism and to protect my family I am living such a unworthy life.Sometimes I think I should commit suicide and end my life.But I have survived till now just thinking that after my death, what will be the state of my family and how can they live hereafter.

Please sign this petition for me, so that justice may be delivered to me at least I can die peacefully.Because my neighbour will also not allow to do the funeral rites.He has stopped me to play music on radio, TV or any other programs.

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