Govt of Maharastra do not force teachers to change their Bank account

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The Maharashtra Govt asks its 27,000 staff of schools to open accounts at cooperative bank controlled by a BJP member.

The government order asks around 27,000 teaching and non-teaching staff of government-aided private schools to open accounts at Mumbai District Central Cooperative Bank (MDCB) as their salaries will be deposited there from now on. BJP MLC Pravin Darekar is the bank’s chairman.

Earlier the state administration would route salaries of teachers through district cooperative banks, however Teachers never got their salary on time and could not withdraw money when required. All this stopped after their accounts were transferred to a nationalised bank. 

Media reports that in around 2011, the government found various irregularities in the way the MDCB was functioning. A decision was thereafter taken to deposit salaries of teaching and nonteaching staff in a nationalised bank and the Union Bank was selected for the purpose. Before 2011, the teaching and nonteaching staff faced several problems. But now, all of a sudden, the government is again trying to change the bank once again for reasons best known to them.

Mumbai Mirror Jun 22, 2017 quotes - Refuting the charges that the government was favouring a bank run by a BJP member, school and technical education minister Vinod Tawde said, “The question before us was who will give better facilities. As MDCB offered better facilities to teachers and non-teaching staff, we decided to shift the accounts to it.’ However, he could not elaborate the “facilities”. Instead, he claimed, “The bank has been given a clean chit by both the cooperative department and the RBI. There is no truth in the allegation that we have giving the responsibility of money earned by teachers to a bank whose integrity is in question,” Tawde added.

What is the reason for the change is it not political or else what is the logic

 Mr. Chief Minister, please stop this arm twisting and force 

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