Give design contract of the Navi Mumbai International airport to an Indian firm.

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Recently, the GVK group, responsible for the construction of the Navi Mumbai International airport, has awarded the contract for designing to a London based firm, Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA), a globally renowned firm, to design the Navi Mumbai International Airport’s Terminal 1 and ATC Tower. While I do not doubt the merit, quality and art of ZHA, I do question the GVK group and the Governments (State & Centre). I do know that ZHA and others participated in a tough competition to prove their mettle and ZHA stood out as the winner, but why even allow foreign firms to participate? Are there no Indian architects capable of executing this task? Are we really that deprived of talent and ambition to start giving such huge contracts to foreign agencies? Make in India has no meaning if the designing (in this case) doesn't happen through an Indian agency. Decades later, when our children, grandchildren ask us, "What did you build?", what are we going to say to them? Even if Indian architects are not that skilled or talented, they surely can be trained. Foreign firms such as ZHA, what spiritual/cultural /traditional connect do they have with India? An airport is what guests to our country first get to see. Should we not showcase our talents there itself? I am not a Xenophobe and I do recognise international relations, politically, culturally and economically. But there are very few such golden opportunities for India to show its strength to the world. Help me convey this message to the GVK group chairman, GVK Reddy and the CM of Maharashtra, Shri. Devendra Fadanavis and help get an Indian architectural firm this job. Jai Hind!