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Get government to build Kopari Bridge in Thane to ease daily traffic snarls & save fuel

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Kopari Bidge is a bridge on railway line on Eastern Express Way. It's a narrow 2-lane bridge coming after 3-4 lane expressway on both directions i.e. to/from Mumbai. During peak hours, it results in minimum of 20-30 minutes or more to cross this bridge i.e. small stretch of 1 kilometer. The impact of this narrow lanes and is so huge and results in traffic jam of 2-3 kms during peak hours. Mulund Toll plaza also adds to woes during peak hour. 


1. At least 45 minutes added to commute time, which is our precious family time. Assuming 50000 vehicles stuck in traffic of 1.2 lakhs pass on every day, we are wasting 75000 hrs assuming 2 people in vehicle.    

2. Wastage of fuel for which we and country are paying for so heavily. There are 120,000 vehicles pass though bridge (Mulund Toll Data). So average waiting time, wastage of fuel of lakh+ vehicles is huge. Assuming min 50,000 people stuck in traffic at Kopari Bridge waste 1 litre @ avg 70/liter (assuming a blend of petrol and diesel cars), we are wasting Rs 100 crores a year. Impact on GDP which is Rs 60000 crore nation wide is huge due to Kopari Bridge. 

3. Impact to environment is huge too which can not be easily calculated. But lakhs of vehicles crawling is definitely going to cause huge impact to environment. 

We have heard that this bridge needs to be prepared along with Railway Ministry as it's on railway line. That's why we added the Railway Minister in this petition as well.

We have heard that this bridge was sanctioned 10 years back when budget to make it was Rs 10 crores. But inordinate delay resulted in budget of Rs 300 crores now. Just because we are not acting fast, we are increasing cost and resulting in huge loss of time and money to commuters. We heard that work on this project was to start last year i.e. Oct 2016 which has not happened. 

We need a widening of this bridge to add at least 2 lanes each side to ensure the problem is taken care of. If we dont see action we will be compelled to take PIL route in this regard.







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