Clean and hygienic toilets at every Mumbai local train stations.

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Those who travel daily from Mumbai local trains would never wish to use the platform toilets.

The odour from outside the toilet is enough to drive us away, sometimes the paan spit on the walls of the toilet and even if we somehow manage to use it, the flush or the tap is not working. There is always a toilet which cannot be used either because it is unclean or the flush is not working.

This is not only the problem of Mumbaikars but also tourists/families who visit Mumbai and need to use the toilets after a long train journey.Sure, there are washroom cleaners but it is still not being maintained as it should be.Only having toilets is not enough, cleanliness and hygiene matters a lot.

Unhygienic toilets are open invitations to many infections. Therefore,toilets should be cleaned daily at regular intervals and attention should be given to the functioning of flush and taps.

Thank you.