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Citizens of Mumbai demand New Municipal commissioner and all Asst municipal commissioners

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Citizens of Mumbai demand New Municipal commissioner and all Asst municipal commissioners. 


29th August 2017 saw strong resilience of Mumbaikars to fight floods and help their fellow citizens in time of distress. It is high time we keep getting adjusted to such situation and demand our rights. Only because mumbaikars have been accommodating, authorities have been taking us for ride. We all have busy lifes and don’t have time to fight against system hence accept poor service standards from BMC. Its high time we fight against injustice and demand our rights. We Mumbaikars demand resignation of current Municipal commissioner and all Asst commissioners  of BMC . They have failed miserably to provide safe and good quality life for Mumbaikars despite Mumbai being the largest contributor to country’s tax revenue. We mumbaikar deserve much better facilities. Recent floods in Mumbai on 29th August 2017 has taken life of quite a few people because of lack of preparedness of BMC. BMC has not learnt lesson from 2005 floods and not implemented most of the recommendations given by Chitle commission to avoid repeat flooding in mumbai. This time rains were appx 1/3rd of what happened in 2005 and still entire mumbai came to stand still , so many people lost their lives , hundreds of people lost their houses , Lakhs of people were stranded on road for hours. All of this because of BMC not doing its job well. These things came to surface because it was a huge problem and life came to stand still and people could not reach home. 

This is just a one problem, there are many other problems we mumbaikar face every day due to lack of action from BMC.  On daily basis we face so many issues 

1.       Pathetic condition of road leading to waste of millions of hours of time, millions of lifers of fuel, affecting physical health of people, resulting in accidents causing injuries and death.

2.       Encroachments all over Mumbai leading to traffic jams , no place for people to walk , affecting business of shop keepers who pay huge tax, lack of cleanliness in city etc etc

3.       Pathetically planned infrastructure work, be it metro, laying of cable or any other work. None of projects get completed in reasonable time and many roads are dug up all 365 days causing huge discomfort to citizens. 

4.       Illegal construction and slums. They add huge burden to city's infrastructure and steal the facilities of people who are entitled for the same. 

5.       Lack of waste management. Whole city is dirty with waste lying everywhere. Only part of waste is taken care of and huge waste is thrown in open gutter, nallah or rivers. 

6.       Lack of sewage facility. Most public toilet sewage is thrown in river causing huge damage to environment and health of people. 

7.       Damage to environment. Ignoring need for environment protection. Huge damage is done to environment by cutting trees on the name of development , discharging sewage water into rivers and sea without treating, traffic due to encroachment and bad road leading to air pollution etc etc. 

8.       Difficulties in getting things done at BMC office. Corruption is at peak and most official will demand bribes. 

There are many more problems which BMC is not able to solve and they express their helplessness. Is it their helplessness or lack of willingness to take action.  BMC is probably the richest municipality in the world but officials will always crib about lack of fund , where does 37000 cr + money go ? 


Since they don't have willingness and capability we , citizens of Mumbai demand New Municipal commissioner and all Asst municipal commissioners across BMC who are capable of improving situation of Mumbai


We mumbai citizens demand strict action against relevant BMC officials who are responsible for floods on 29th August 2017 to give justice to those who lost their lives in floods.


We Mumbaikars also demand listing down of KPI for Municipal commissioner and review of the same by group of citizens every quarter. MC must be answerable to public. MC performance scorecard must be made public and not performing up to mark should lead to strict disciplinary action. 

 It is high time that we Mumbaikars start asking for their right instead of getting adjusted to all uncomfortable situations. 


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