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Citizen against RTO Brake testing track in Sector 19 Nerul

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Sector 19 of Nerul is one of the prime residential area in Nerul. It is purely a residential  area with schools and park in its vicinity.

Setting up a commercial activity, that too a RTO brake testing track will disturb the silence and peace of the area. Let me explain the different types of issues that will crop up on setting up brake testing track in residential area.

Sound PollutionAny heavy vehicle which put to brake test will always generate sound of 85 to 95 decibels and any residential area permissible sound limit during day has to be within 55 decibels in day and 45 decibels at night. Thus it will be violating sound pollution.

Noise standards for automobiles,domestic appliances and construction equipment have been notified in Part 'E',Schedule-VI of Environment(Protection)Rules,1986,as amended on 19th May,1993,as given in the Tables below.
Category of Vehicle                         Noise limit in dB(A)
(a) Motorcycle,scooters and three               80
(b) Passenger Cars                                     82
(c) Passenger or commercial vehicles        85
     upto 4 MT
(d) Passenger or commercial vehicles        89
     above 4 MT and upto 12 MT
(e) Passenger or commercial vehicles        91
     exceeding 12 MT

MSEB Sub station The plot on which the proposed RTO brake testing is coming is just adjustment to MSEB Sub station which supply power to whole Nerul. It has transmitters which supply power to near by area and It is a high safety area and with setting up RTO brake testing next will increase the risk to the sub-station.

Also the plot on which the brake testing will be done has transmission tower in it and there has to be horizontal ground clearance in which no construction can be done and also restriction of human and animals to avoid them coming into the magnetic field and getting electrocuted. Movement of heavy vehicles such as tankers and trucks can risk of accident due to the magnetic field.

 Air Pollution Every day there will be around 150 - 200 vehicle which will be coming for fitness test and brake testing and all such vehicle with emit smoke and increase the air pollution in the area. As already there is estimated less then half a tree per person increase in pollution in the area by increase in vehicle in the area can increase air bone disease in the area among the children. Even the plot has not a single tree and even the tree near the plot and around the plot were destroyed by nmmc during concrete of the nulla. 

Traffic problem   The access road to the plot is a single lane road having a park on one side and every day there are around 150 - 200 cars and 50-60 motor cycle are parked out side on lane outside this plot an wonder park. With RTO track this will increase to double and this will cause traffic problem to the residence of the area.

Safety and security of ladies and children With trucks, trailer and commercial vehicle who will come and park their vehicle and these driver will be found loitering around drinking and cooking in the area 

 Also there is a nmmc prestigious park "wonder park" in just 50 mtr and various schools and educational institution which will be effected by this RTO brake testing track.

Would request the concern authorities to consider the request of not setting up the RTO Brake testing at this plot.

Citizen of Nerul


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