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Bring back IAS Tukaram Mundhe to Navi Mumbai NMMC office.

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Once upon a time Navi Mumbai was in the dirty hands of politicians and mafias. The leaders elected by the people were acting like they were gods and no one could stop them no matter what. Local mafias were getting the support from this politicians because of which illegal construction was in the full swing. No civilian wanted to get involved because they knew their voices won't be heard. Even if it is heard there was no guarantee of getting a response.

Then there comes an officer who we never dreamt of. Who changed the entire working system of Navi Mumbai. Who became the nightmare for all those mafias and corrupt politicians who thought anybody could be bought with bribe. I am talking about IAS Tukaram Mundhe who served as NMMC chief from May 2016 till yesterday. He was supposed to complete the tenure of three years in NMMC office. But he was transferred from NMMC office because of the political pressure. He was not even allowed to complete his 1st anniversary in Navi Mumbai.

There is no doubt that every Navi Mumbaikar support him for his fantastic work. He solved many major problems of Navi Mumbai like Water shortage, Drainage problem, Illegal construction, hawkers problem, parking problem and many more things which were pending since years. He also made Navi Mumbai the first Municipal Corporation to go digital.  His work was seen by the people and also appreciated. 

Our only ask is-

We need justification for his transfer. As a law abiding citizen we have every right to know the truth and full transparency.

Why was he even not allowed to complete 1 year and transferred before completing his tenure of 3 years.

If Navi Mumbai people are happy and satisfied with his work then he should be retained to complete his full tenure in NMMC office.

If possible there should be a voting process to stop his transfer and retain in NMMC office. This is to know what Navi Mumbai people want.

I request you to sign this petition if you agree with the above points.

Thank you,

Vaibhav Godambe, Software Engineer, A well wisher of Navi Mumbai.

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