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Being modern means Banning Firecrackers!!

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What does being modern actually mean????

It means making our lives more comfortable with new technology and scientific creations so as to facilitate growth  of human beings. The problem is that due to this we have become so arrogant that we do not respect the elements of mother Earth which have actually given us the opportunity to take birth and live on this planet. Due to our needs and wants we created technology to make our lives simple. One looks at their advantages more than their disadvantages.

Similar is the case to our festivities especially Diwali. We invented firecrackers (which I do not see any advantage in other than that it gives kids joy to see firecrackers going of or into the sky) and as the years have gone by firecracker usage has gone up by many folds. But we forgot the real meaning of Diwali which is to give joy to even the poor of our society and also Diwali being a festival of LIGHTS is a festival to put maximum amount of diyas and not just firecrackers.

The point I am basically trying to make is that firecrackers emit toxic gases which are very harmful to the human body!! Last year Pune s air quality was termed very poor in the days following Diwali. SAFAR predicts Mumbai s air quality to be worse than 2016 in 2017.

The ill effects of firecrackers are pathetic. Some have been listed below:

1. Even the tiny sparklers, torches and flower pots which are otherwise considered to create no noise at all generate thick smoke that can affect the respiratory tract of young children.
2. The suspended particulate matter (SPM) levels rise significantly during Diwali. This causes throat, nose and eye related problems which can later develop into adverse health issues.
3. Firecrackers have much more severe effects in people with heart, respiratory or nervous system disorders.
4. They can aggravate problems for people suffering from colds, allergies or coughs and can also cause congestion of the throat and chest.
5.They can also cause water contamination and acid rains.
6. They result in air pollution that creates carcinogenic Sulfur compounds and airborne arsenic effect.
7. The green light produced in fireworks displays comes from barium, which is radioactive and poisonous. The blue color produced from copper compounds comes from dioxins linked to cancer.

On 11th October I read an article in Pune News-line stating that CRF had recently conducted a study in which it showed that burning of firecrackers in Diwali in residential society of Pune produced very high levels of gaseous air pollutants. Levels of sulfur di oxide was 200 times above normal safety limits suggested by the World Health Organization!!!!

Some harmful constituents of firecrackers are:

1. Copper: Causes irritation in the respiratory tract.

2. Cadmium: Reduces the oxygen carrying capacity of blood, leading to anemia.

3. Lead: Lead in the body has a harmful effect on the nervous system.

4. Magnesium: Magnesium fumes cause a condition known as metal fume fever.

5. Zinc: Causes metal fume fever and also induces vomiting.

6. Sodium: Sodium is a highly reactive element and combines with moisture to cause burns.

Hope that the above information has served as an eye opener. Steps have been taken by the Supreme court to ban firecrackers this year in Delhi. But that step was taken only after the horrible condition in Delhi due to smog. My Question is why cant we be PREVENTIVE AND NOT LET THAT CONDITION BE REACHED IN THE FIRST PLACE. Why is it that only after people suffer that we wake up??? So my saying that Ban Firecrackers and show that we really are modern. Else all of us are people of the past since even after knowing its ill effects we still burn crackers. 

So I request Shri Devendra Fadnavis, Shri Anil Shirole, Smt Mukta Tilak and Smt Archana Musale to consider banning firecrackers in Maharashtra. And a solution could be that the Corporation of every city organize firecracker night on Diwali to limit the bursting of firecrackers instead of selling firecrackers to individuals to limit the pollution and save mother Earth and hence celebrate a Modern Diwali.


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