Basic Needs/Infrastructure Missing :: Kalyan Dombivli (Beyond Thane)

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As you are aware that Kalyan Dombivli Muncipal Corporation (KDMC) area was included in ambitious 'Smart City' project of Government of India. Also few crores were pledged to KDMC for the betterment of people of KDMC area. When we heard these news we were overjoyed and thought that this was surely going to resolve our problems.
We have had a great hopes from both the Central and the State Govt; but unfortunately nothing happened. The population of KDMC area is facing on many issues but following few are the major issues which if resolved will ease the life of the people.

1.      Shil-Kalyan Road: This are of late is witnessing the huge growth. The Lodha Group's new township 'Palava City' is being developed in this area along with other major infrastructures/townships. The quantum of population growth in these township has created traffic snarls on this road. The Palava junction on this road always has big bottle neck creating a traffic jam which most of the times stretches almost 3-4 kms. Dombivli to Mahape is hardly a half-an-hour drive of around 17kms but because of this township, which was permitted to be developed without any infrastructural growth beforehand, this half-an-hour drive is taking 2-3 hours. We earnestly need a concrete solution to this issue as once this township is fully occupied, the traffic situation surely is going to be out of control of the authorities. As of date as well, condition is horrifying as least traffic control is available.

2.      Motagaon-Mankoli & Patri Pool Bridge: This also is another important route to have a connectivity to Thane area. Dombivli residents have only Kalyan Shil & Bhiwandi bypass road to connect to Thane or Mumbai in case rail line is not functioning. This construction on these bridge is already started but for some reasons it is yet to get completed. And going by the media reports, this is going to be delayed due to some reasons. Request your intervention for this very important bridge.

3.      KDMC Waste Management: It was shameful for all of KDMC residents to read the Hon. Mumbai High Court's orders on stalling permissions to new realty developments in the KDMC jurisdiction due to poor or non-existent waste management. I regret to tell you that KDMC has completely failed on this front. Many of the employees in Waste & Sewage Management department of KDMC come register their attendance and leave to do their personal works. And this has created huge piles of wastes at majority areas.

4.      Traffic Issue: Lack of vision of all political parties and useless Dy. RTO of KDMC has resulted in complete traffic chaos. No signals, No Traffic wardens, no zebra crossings just nothing to control traffic. Also government scheme of 'Maagel Tyaala Auto Rickshaw Permit' has ensured the huge number of autos and therefore unsocial, rude auto rickshaw drivers. Many underage rickshaw drivers are seen plying auto in front of traffic wardens many a times. These auto drivers are considering themselves above the law. Illegal fare hikes, unauthorized rickshaw stands, underage drivers, heavy loudspeakers in autos, beating the RTO officials, overloading, daily fights with commuters are very common things in this area. KDMT (Municipal Transportation) is no different. No timetable to follow, poor bus condition results people use their own vehicle or rickshaw. Narrow roads and uncountable potholes makes it more miserable. I would regrettably inform youth complete lawlessness in KDMC.

These are major issues faced by the KDMC residents. In this tech-savvy world when we are planning for complete connectivity of gram-panchayats, you would be surprised to hear that KDMC does not event have their Twitter handler as of yet. The situation in KDMC is really grave. It is one of the 'Top 10 Dirtiest Cities of India'. Even Mr. Nitin Gadkari has acknowledged this.

Being BJP a ruling party in this area, hardly there is a change which can be seen. Many civilians are expressing their issues/needs on Twitter rigorously but sad part is everything is getting ignored.

We wish to have basic governance & infrastructure to be improved which should not be considered as over-expectation.


Thank you.