Army Veteran stuck with no man`s land

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Mr. Chandrashekhar Jangam 99years old ex army subhedar who had participated in 1962 India China war and 1965 India Pakistan war. Is fighting since 1964. He has a been granted the Raksha Medal. He had applied for a land in Satara’s Ravivar Peth under a Government Resolution that allowed soldiers to buy a land from the State in the year 1968 and Collector granted cts survey number 166/A1 Satara. A 15.5 guntha plot was allotted to him for which he paid rupees 3647/- in government challan. He still have the receipt. From the time he paid for the land in 1968, Chandrashekhar began following up with the authorities to check when he would get possession of the plot. In 1971 when he retired he started going to Collector office every week to check the status of the land. But there was no progress in 1977. He got so fed up, he asked Government to return his money but even this was not done. He followed up till 1983, after which he gave up. In 2013, one of their sons strumbled upon the papers for the land and decided to take up a good fight again. Then Chandrashekhar’s son sent and RTI application for information on the land while some records were available others were missing. Then Chandrashekhar’s son has reached several Government Authorities, Prime Ministers Office, Denfence Ministry, Lokayukta Maharashtra, etc regarding this matter but nothing came up good.
Now Chandrashekhar Is bed ridden. Can you people help me getting Chandrashekhar his land back?
You can find the news in Mid Day newspaper dated 14/03/2018 front page.
You can reach Chandrashekhar’s son Dhananjay on +919702088839 for more information regarding this matter.