Abuse, Assaults and Murders of RTI Users

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Shri Devendra Fadnavis,

Chief Minister

We wish to draw your attention to the growing illegal and anti-democratic practice in many government and municipal bodies of denigrating and abusing RTI users. Coercive, defamatory and illegal methods are used to curb citizens using their fundamental right. Public servants use their powers to intimidate citizens using their fundamental right. This atmosphere leads to verbal and physical attacks on citizens trying to expose wrongdoing. This is also responsible for the murders of RTI users.  There are numerous instances of issuing illegal circulars abusing them, refusing to give them information, calling them ‘persona non grata’, blackmailers and extortionists.

GAD of Maharashtra Government had issued a simple directive on 25 August 2015 asking all public authorities to upload all RTI queries and the responses on their website. If information is available on the website nobody can be blackmailed. This directive is not being followed.  Please ensure that this is followed. 

Please issue a warning to ensure that this practice of abusing RTI users stops and citizens are treated with respect. Those who defame citizens and bully them must be punished.  

We have had ENOUGH of illegal bullying and abuse by public servants.  

Attaching the government directive with this