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A well defined process at BMC to avoid accidents like that of Dr Amrapurkar

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Dr Deepak Amrapurkar fell into an open manhole (which did not have a wire grill to prevent such an accident) during the flooding caused by heavy rains in Mumbai, on the 29th of August 2017. His body was found a few kilometers away after 2 days.

This was a very unfortunate incident. Many might have died or have got badly injured on the same day and before, as a result of similar accidents, but we don't have exact information about such deaths & accidents.

BMC officers, politicians & others are not much bothered about Dr Amrapurkar's death as they are not directly affected.

They will continue to be like that till their family members are directly affected as a result of hundreds of such open manholes in Mumbai and other cities.

The manholes remain open without covers if the covers are broken or stolen or removed for some work. Most of the manholes do not have grills below them which can prevent falling into them even if a manhole is open.

The deaths of Dr Amrapurkar and others have highlighted the NEED FOR HAVING A PROCESS AT EACH WARD-OFFFICE LEVEL to identify open manholes on a daily basis and immediately fix covers & grills on them on the same day.

It took me over 4 months to get 9 manhole covers fixed in Powai with the help of the local BMC office. For those 4 months the manholes remained open waiting for people/children to fall. I have recently reported 1 more open manhole which is yet to be closed.

Dear Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis ji, request you to force BMC to make sure that BMC has ENOUGH FUNDS to have adequate stock of manhole covers & grills, and also A PROCESS TO IDENTIFY & COVER each manhole with a cover & grill, within 4 hours, if it is found open.

NO EXCUSES PLEASE. (Do you see such open manholes in other megacilies like New York & Tokyo? NO. Why? Because they have a PROCESS & they care for their people.)

Dear Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis ji please do the needful by the 31st of March, 2018 to have A FOOLPROOF PROCESS FOR COVERING MANHOLES WITH COVERS & GRILLS and make sure that no manhole remains open without a cover & a grill from the 1st of April, 2018, onwards.

Please announce 'Dr Amrapurkar 100% Covered-Manholes-Yojna' with adequate funds, if you can.

Thanks in advance. 


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