150 meters no hawking is not being followed at Borivali West, Mumbai

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This is about public safety and helping the citizens claim their "Right to Walk Free" on the streets of Mumbai.

No hawking zones within 150 meters from railway stations, schools, police stations and hospitals were declared by the high court in the month of October 2017.

But as the time passed the corruption seems to be flowing again.

Hawkers are found openly sitting within 150 meters from Borivali Station which has all conditions within the vicnity adhered to as the courts orders.

But still there seems to be no permanent resolution.

Everyday had to dial 100 to get support but police doesn't seem to be interested in supporting the cause for their own benefits, they come and update there were no hawkers, but the truth is the hawkers never moved from the time of call till their departure.

BMC doesn't seem to support on the same either in totality of following the courts orders and ending this once in for all.

On sundays they make it worst BMC wants to enjoy the holiday and police is very loyal towards hawkers, come what may till the time tragedy doesn't take place we will not take any action.

So according to them let something happen first then we will clear them all, till then enjoy and get troubled.

They haven learnt from the past experiences at Zaveri Bazaar, Lower Parel stampede and many more. Zaveri bazaar was evicted of hawkers when some lunatic terrorist came forward and made a boom since then its been clear till date.

Why??? do you want that another lunatic to come and cause chaos or some unfortunate tragedy to take place then we will do the work.

Mumbai Police promotes proudly Police is your friend "Please look here and there" Bas ek minute hi toh lagta hai, my question is kahan dekhen main areas are blocked by these hawkers capturing even our pavements meant for walking, its so easy for someone to come and do something to normal civilians, but once something goes wrong politicians come and show their traumatized face give compensation to families who have lost someone they loved.

Why now, just because somebody had to come forward and teach you a lesson then you wanna do things, today individuals like me keep screaming that help on the legal orders and they dont wanna work.

After all of this tragedy, Mumbai police will again come up with ad part 2, hiding their shameful deed by not acting when the time was there, and claim police is your friend, Really you think so, none of us do. 

Courage by these economy cruncher (hawkers)  is gathered more to violate these norms because of government officials who has a irresponsible attitude towards citizens and their safety, who have the attitude for chalta hai types.

Most of the stations are controlled and are adhering to courts orders but borivali west is the most negligible of all, which means that all irresponsible officials are appointed in borivali west police stations and BMC RC ward.

To us qualified individuals these law generators teach us pay GST on time, send sms advance tax this is the last date blah blah, what about them no need to pay GST but pay hafta, sir if you are so happy with hafta regime and promote healthy payment system then why not involve the entire country in this regime. Why do we need GST, eway Bills advance tax etc.

Its high time people stand up for your right "Right to walk free" and Safeguarding yourself and your family from any mishap that can take place at our crowded zones.



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