Scrap the Commercial Development Plan under new DP 2034 for Aarey – Make it NDZ

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On 18th Feb 2015 Mumbaikars woke-up shocked to see the Draft Development Plan DP 2034 of MCGM with respect to the Aarey Land. This plan identifies Aarey as a special feature development zone.

 The draft DP proposes new development on 1,009 hectares of Aarey land, leaving only 232 hectares of the pristine green cover intact. In other words, the city's natural green lungs will be sacrificed for a man-made central park, a theme park, a botanical garden and other activities, including housing, retailing, educational campuses, a bus corridor and an elevated route connecting the eastern and western suburbs. It has also proposed that large and specialized educational campuses, such as national or state institutes of urban planning, management studies, finance, fashion, design and technology, be housed on Aarey land. The same goes for medical and research campuses, bio-technology and high end research, training and processing units. 

 In this plan Aarey has been classified under Residential –Commercial (RC), where Residential use is dominant. This is a mixed use zone, with predominant Residential use and partially Commercial use occupying around.  Interestingly Aarey is not placed under as Natural Areas zone with an objective to conserve existing ecologically sensitive areas like the forest, lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, mangroves and coastal wetlands. Natural Zones retain city’s ecology and biodiversity.

 If the BMC's draft Development Plan (DP) 2034 has its way, all mumbaikars will be left gasping for open spaces and clean air, especially if plans to develop a vast portion of the Aarey sprawl at Goregaon take off. Post-exploitation, around 1600 hectares of Aarey's existing green cover would be depleted to a mere 14% of its present size.

 We reject this plan and request the government to declare Aarey as a Natural No Development Zone.

And that the only development of Aarey should be in the below lines:-

 1. Aarey Milk Colony (Full Area) be declared a protected “BUFFER ZONE to Sanjay Gandhi National Park” & no development to be carried out in what so ever. In its current form Aarey be promoted as an Open space for Mumbai City

2. Boundaries of Aarey Milk Colony are mapped and demarcated (Free from Encroachment from Slums or for any governmental / real estate Project). Boundary be demarcated basis the historic maps.

3. Aarey Milk Colony to be renamed as “Aarey Buffer Zone” or “Aarey Protected Park.

4. Nature Trails for Sports in Aarey can be marked accordingly & promoted for Mumbaikars to visit

5. Government should lease out grounds to only events promoting Art, Crafts & Fitness, and sports activity.

6. Good Roads and Clean Aarey with Improved Waste management

7. Finally set up a Cycling Infrastructure and dedicated tracks for Aarey be set up along with Cycles on Rental basis for Aarey.

We Say NO TO ZOO; NO TO METRO YARD AND NO TO WIDE ROAD AND NO TO DEVELOPMENT that will come at cost of Environment and not just trees.


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