Ban Herorius from Dark Age of Camelot - Free us from this Tyrant

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When Herorious was banned, the game improved for all realms.  Ports were not always broken.  Other realms were able to fight for their relics, etc.   

Herorious then said in /region he was done leading zergs and there was much rejoicing across all the lands. 

But, it didn't last long.  Bad habits are very hard to break, and he was back to destroying the game in no time.

Except for the brain dead zombies who follow Herorious, most players are fed up with his zerg.  The population keeps dropping and hibs don't care.  They are killing what is left of a dead game.  If Herorious won't do what is right for DAOC, then it is time for Broadsword to step in.  

There is a portion in the TOS that allows them for banning for actions that are against the spirit of the game:  "Engage in any behavior that is contrary to the 'spirit of the game' as defined by Broadsword in its sole discretion."

It is time for the players to take back their game and not let it be destroyed by Herorious