A List of Fixes and Changes for Left to Survive game

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Dear Developer of Left to Survive game,

There are many changes recently you did to the game. We know they are meant to progress and improve the game, however many of the changes have caused uproar and dissatisfaction among players.

Based on players' comments, rants, and complaints on our LTS Fanpage in Facebook of 10K members and in Latino America-Spain Fanpage of 3K members, here are the list of changes or fixes we would like to see:

  1. Bring back the old 14 days PVP Season with same reward as previous: 70 gold, 40 evolve parts and 3 Rare Gears keys
  2. The 2.5 millions score for Time Portal Event is outrageous. That takes too much money to complete and players who can't afford will lose competitiveness in the game. 700K-800K score should be enough and winners are rewarded with nice weapons
  3. Bring back bot bases in Raid!! The omission of bot bases make it very hard for players who don't subscribe the new Premium Pass. That pass should be optional. The fact that you delete bot bases in Raid is clearly an intention that you are trying to force players to buy the Premium Pass
  4. PVP Event should reward weapons as well as previously and not always Attachments Keys. Players are fed up seeing that rewards over and over again. That makes PVP Event becomes a very much hated event
  5. Pay attention to cheaters in the game. We have submitted videos of cheaters using speed hack, weapon hack but even after 3 weeks, the cheaters are still at large. They are toxic for the fun in PVP
  6. The new Daily Quest system makes it hard to earn cash unless we pay (again) for the Season Pass. It costs just too much. Either reduce the price or make players able to earn more cash without having to buy it

This game is no longer what it used to be. Previously a player with enough patience, slowly watching video ads to collect gold, keys, spending a reasonable amount of money here and there can still make a good progress. However, the recent update you made to the game basically screams money everywhere. From Daily Quests, Premium Pass, Tiers, Events, PVP Rewards

We understand that developer has economy calculation but the pressure you put into players shoulders are too heavy already. We players still love the game and therefore we decide to make this petition for you to hear our voice