Develop Presidential Competency Exam for All Future Presidential Candidates: Federal Elect

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Recent presidential election cycles have revealed candidates that are severely lacking in the basic understanding of our branches of government, legislative processes, our military, our constitution and our foreign affairs.  We simply cannot tolerate or afford a less than qualified candidate as our commander in chief.  

While we can disagree on policies and ideology, we should not live in fear of a candidate for the highest office who is not informed about geography, recent geopolitical events, constitutional principles, our laws or the basic administration and methodologies of governing.

While ideally a test could be developed to adminster to candidates after meeting constitutional requirements, in lieu of a "presidential test" we should at a minimum require our candidates to pass the same Civil Service Exams and Citizenship Tests we require of our other government employees and new immigrants.

Further, one should be required to not only submit their personal medical records but also be subjected to the same basic health examination any serviceman would be required to take as well as release 7 years of their federal tax returns.

As Vice Presidential candidates are identified, they should be subject to the same requirements.

Our democracy is simply too fragile to put in the hands of a novice and with quick decision making being a requirement of the job, one does not have the time to obtain the most rudimentary knowledge before decision-making.

Please let us have bipartisan support to ensure the healthy preservation of our most cherished Executive Branch of government.



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