Develop Mountain Bike trails in Manning Park considerate of other users & the environment

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Develop Mountain Bike trails in Manning Park considerate of other users & the environment

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Councillors (City of Cockburn)

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Started by Fleur Allen

It appears on the 12 May 2022, the City of Cockburn may possibly make a deeply concerning decision:

"that use of mountain bikes be excluded from Manning
Park, with the exception of designated cycle paths, effective from 1 March 2023" 

Reference: page 24 of

Why is this a concern?

  • the city has made the assumption that mountain bike riders are irresponsible people that have no respect for the environment, the community or other users
  • the development of mountain bike trails proposed in the quarry areas of Manning park was providing a use for these undeveloped areas while accommodating other users such as walkers, wildlife watchers and younger family's having this activity away from existing users.
  • provided an activity for the youth in the area currently the park provides for many people: young families, singles, couples, retirees but what includes and encourages young people to be active, engaged and physically fit 
  • creates a greater sense of community and provides a way to include our young people that live in the area
  • provided an additional activity to engage multi generations. Mountain bike riding attracts people from all ages and all walks of life
  • creates an unnecessary burden on the city to 'police' the area for mountain bike riders being targeted to be infringed
  • takes away an opportunity for young people to be physically active, away from technology and engaging with others in the community and to enjoy nature.

The report from the city , outlines there are greater negative potential outcomes to not developing mountain bike trails than excluding them. So why has this decision been made?

There appears to be a sense of fear from a small but vocal segment of the community that doesn't appear to understand those that mountain bike.

So what happens if you don't develop mountain bike trails in Manning Park?

  • Yet again no activity for young people to engage and connect in a community
  • A great deal of confusion and unnecessary infringement on people simply wishing to fulfil a reasonable recreational activity
  • The potential for more destructive, illegal activity to replace mountain bike riding such as trail bike riding through the park after dark
  • No activity for family's with young people (13 years and over) to do together as a family
  • Young people in the area aren't accommodated for and potentially are bored and disconnected and potentially won't engage in nature, the community and looking after their physical fitness.

As a rate payer and a parent of a young person. What I would like is to see mountain bike trails developed to accommodate not only young people but all those that mountain bike.

I would encourage anyone that mountain bikes to not only support this petition but also leave a comment on who you are.

For example, I am a middle aged parent and I mountain bike ride to be in nature and to share an activity with the young people in my family but also to provide an environment where these same young people have an opportunity to engage with nature, get fit and demonstrate responsibility by doing the right thing. Being in nature, being respectful of other users in the park and being physically active.

Support this petition not only for designated mountain bike trails to be developed in Manning park but also to create an inclusive community that provides an activity for a segment in our community that isn't accommodated for in the park: young people and families wanting to engage with the young people in their families.

Confirmed victory

This petition made change with 1,702 supporters!

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