The Croatian community is being called Nazi's

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Dear Mr. Pragad,

On July 23, 2018 one of you "journalist", Cristina Maza felt compelled to compose an article; which was subsequently published in Newsweek, portraying the Croatian population as "Nazis"; and stating that the performance by an entertainer known as Thompson was inciting "fascist salutes and battle cries", from the audience of over 500,000 people. 

I invite you, Newsweek and Ms. Maza (who coincidentally is of Serbian decent), to provide valid footage with date and time stamped video of the event as proof.  Her perception of the event; or perhaps the reckless act of a very small minority does not constitute a nation of "Nazis" and "fascists". 

We have had a very difficult past and currently have the privilege of being part of what is now a free country steeped in pride and patriotism.  I believe your employee may have an opinion which is not consistent with who we are as a nation, people and country.

As with many countries who had to fight for freedom (much like the United States of America), we not long ago sacrificed our fathers, brothers and sons to achieve the right to celebrate our victory, listen to the music of our choosing and gather together as one people, one nation under God.

Ms. Maza does not have the right to judge our people, pride, patriotism, country, choice of music or any other aspect of our culture based on her opinion and not fact. 

We feel her article is reckless, biased, unjustified, unfounded and should be retracted immediately along with a public apology for disparaging the Croatian people and community with her reckless views and remarks.