Justice for Detroit Lakes

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My friends and I (and many other teens) have been repeatedly harassed by a cop. Yesterday we were pulled over for no reason. We asked politely why we were being pulled over and he said "because I know you" (referring to the driver). Which to my knowledge unless a individual has a warrant they simply can't be pulled over for no reason. We ended up all having to get out of the vehicle while he searched the car because he allegedly had "probable cause". Not a huge deal I guess but it was in front of all the students from our school since we were all on lunch. All of them were laughing and talking negatively about us. We told them to stop. A friend in my grou asked a girl to stop talking about us and called her a "bitch". This girl has been creating problems with us for months. We walk by in the hallway and she'll call us names and stuff and she doesn't stop. She reported the girl in our "group" saying that she threatened to kill her. Which isn't true, she completely fabricated it and she reported to the school and then a cop. Now the girl in my "group" is being charged for harassment with no proof. No witnesses or nothing. The same cop that we dealt with yesterday, the same cop that told me I was never being Harrassed by any students when I was threatened to be beat up, killed, ran over etc (with witnesses), "believed" this whole girl's story with no proof. My point is, this cop is prejudice and has something against my friends and I. He'll literally lie to us and do anything to make our life miserable but when I was true getting death threats by other students in the school he worked at he refused to care. This cop is known for harrasing kids, he's also known for being racist, homophobic, and transphobic. I truly don't know what to do. This is a dirty cop that chooses to do his job and enforce laws due to if he hates you or not. We have made several complaints but nothing changes. I really am not a cop hater or anything, I have faith in our justice system, but this is not okay. He is not fit to be cop. Our community needs cops that are NOT prejudice or racist. We need cops to help us and enforce the laws all the time not when they chose to. After posting about our experience on Facebook many others agreed and have had similar or worse experiences with this cop. Our community deserves better. Doug Vickmark has had multiple complaints on him while nothing has changed. He abuses his power, lies to teens to trick them, decides when or when not he wants to do his job. I know officer Vickmark is not the only dirty cop in the world. Lots of us (especially minorities) have had bad experience with police officers due to them just being bored or them having a something (or a prejudice) against you. I truly am tired of the silence and lack of justice in this town. 



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