Keep Sahara Home

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Rocky Badd , who is a well known artist in Detroit Michigan needs our help. She has a past , however that does not determine her future. She has been on the correct path for several years now to ensure she does not become a product of her environment. She has taken on the role of being a parent to her adorable little sister. If you asked Sahara who she loves the most I am 100% sure she would say her sister. Not just because of the materialistic things. But because that is where she is loved the most. Rocky has been working extremely hard over all these years to excel in her music career and she gives back to her community every chance she gets. Rather it's doing showcases for upcoming artists, providing coats through 'Coats For Kids' for children who's parents simply may not have the means to support them and doing countless food drives over the years. Our goal is to help prove that Sahara being in her care is the best option for her . Please do not ignore this. Rocky has been very open and honest with her fans and her community over they years, however, we have never seen her hurt to this extent. We (the city of Detroit) stand behind her and we will fight with her and in her moments of despair we will fight FOR her! I have witnessed first hand what can potentially happen to children who get placed in the system. Being fostered through various homes is not healthy for children and could potentially send them into a state of depression and isolation. Rocky is financially and emotionally stable enough to provide Sahara with a normal loving childhood. She has made countless sacrafices and will be  willing to adjust her life even more as long as she is able to care for Sahara. We, her fans, are BEGGING you all to give her a chance! Even if it is simply a probationary period to prove she will not let her down.  If she can get 1 million views on a YouTube video i know she can get HALF OF THAT, to save her sister on this petition! We won’t let up without a fight . Your signature is your voice. Let your voice be heard. #KeepSaharaSafe