Detoxify Moore Park Beach Lagoon

Detoxify Moore Park Beach Lagoon

6 November 2022
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Jason Bartels (Councillor-Division 1 BRC)
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Why this petition matters

Moore Park Beach Lagoon has been infested with an invasive species. This has caused stagnation. Bundaberg Regional Council has not adequately addressed this issue as required by state legislation. 

The toxification of the lagoon has resulted in the following:

Increase in mosquito activity, putrefaction of deceased marine life, toxic odours. 

If left untreated, stagnant water has the potential to breed dangerous bacteria and pathogens. Waterborne virus is extremely prevalent in stagnant water and airborne diseases such as legionaries is very common. 

BRC has not yet engaged an independent professional to conduct water testing not have they proposed any action to combat the adverse effects of the toxifixation of the lagoon. 

The issues above have been raised by numerous residents of the lagoon area. Councils response the the concerns of the residents has been minor and somewhat dismissive. 

Jason Bartel, councillor for division 1, has indicated that BRC has explored the most cost-effective measures to address this issue. This included the aerial spraying of a herbicide. This has been attempted on 3 occasions. Each attempt has not only been futile but has been done without adherence to the state-legislated Biosecurity Act 2014, with regards to management of adverse effects of a noxious species invasion. 
Desired outcome:

1. BRC to conduct an immediate water quality test (PCR,microbiology) for pathogens, virus, bacteria and Legionella. The results made publicly available. 

2. BRC engage an independent ecologist to create an eradication plan with focus on; 
  a) Elimination/management of waterborne diseases and virus. 
  b) The ongoing monitoring and control of the invasive species
  c) Elimination of the odour. 

3. BRC to conduct a feasibility study into alternate methods of eradication to aerial spraying I.e water harvesting, dredging, filter/aeration system, reinstating the natural water course from the ocean. 

I am calling on Jason Battel as elected representative of division one to push council further in this issue and demand conclusive action.

I urge all residents and visitors to sign this petition. 

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Signatures: 134Next goal: 200
Support now

Decision makers

  • Jason BartelsCouncillor-Division 1 BRC