Detain Serial Burglar/Vandilizer, RELEASED by POLICE despite 3 arrests w/ evidence

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The Serial burglar has been arrested 3 times by police, with clear incriminating evidence including video footage of him in the act. Despite this, the burglar has been released by the police with a simple summary of conviction and NOT DETAINED.

The burglar destroyed the doors of 3 mosques, destroyed the safe, and stole all the donations that were inside all within 3 weeks. 

In march Islamic Center of Quebec was vandalized, and money stolen. The suspect was arrested and released by the Police. He was served a notice to appear before the judge and not detained. 

On 6th October at 1:00 a.m. the same suspect broke into Masjid As-Salam at 1232 Stanley, broke the donation box, and fled off. 

On October 15th the suspect was arrested, served a summary of conviction and the police once again refused to detain him despite the suspect admitting to the theft. 

On 17th October he vandalized Islamic Community Center at Brossard, despite presenting clear irrefutable evidence that it was the same person, the officer refused to detain him again, citing the crime was not big enough. 

On 19th October Makkah Mosque in West Island was vandalized by the same suspect who is still on the loose. 

This person has broken into Mosques at night but also during the day. Luckily nobody was there when he broke in, but if someone is there the next time he strikes, knowing he will be released like the past 3 times, who knows what he would do?

Knowing a burglar can come in and assault a mosque and the Police wouldn't do anything, no one in the community feels safe. This person is a threat to the city, and the police's repeated decision of refusing to detain is clear negligence of standard duty of care. 

We need the police to properly enforce the law as is their duty and have this serial criminal properly detained until he appears before the Judge.