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THQNordic Games: Please give us an HD compilation of Destroy All Humans!

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Ever since Pandemic Studios closed down in 2009, fans of the Destroy All Humans! franchise by Pandemic were worried about the future of the franchise. As of now, the only recent release of anything DAH! related were upscaled re-releases of the first two Destroy All Humans! games for PS4. While it is nice to have upscaled versions of the first two games in the franchise, which are arguably the best out of all of the series, it is not enough. Which is why I want to propose a Destroy All Humans! HD Compilation for PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. THQNordic Games could make this happen if they wanted too, we just need to have enough demand for it to possibly become a reality. Think about it, an HD compilation for all these platforms would be a great seller and if it were to come to Nintendo Switch, it would also be the first time the main DAH! games came to any Nintendo system. (Big Willy Unleashed for Wii doesn't count)

Anyways, for you fans out there that want this as much as I do, please sign this petition! Once we have enough, it will be sent to THQNordic Games.

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