Dress Code Changes for Desoto County Schools

Dress Code Changes for Desoto County Schools

July 4, 2020
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DeSoto County School Board
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Why this petition matters

Started by Gabi Sansone

Who is Affected? The students of Desoto County Schools. Specifically the Public Schools in this county. 

The solution? To make student feel more comfortable and to be themselves without the problem of being put in a “Alternative” classroom where they receive 0 help and Learn absolutely nothing simply because they are wearing an article of clothing that complies with the temperature and weather we might be having that day or week. We’re basically forced to wear jeans in 90° weather simply because we’re being sexualized and discriminated against and just because these adults have authority over what they see as provocative.


The problem at the moment is that these schools as a whole have sexualized female minors, and taken advantage of the fact they have authority over young men as well. Let’s go in order of the Dress Code Book over Desoto County:

This book states they want “desirable cleanliness and place of learning for students” and yet we are put into alternative classes for our clothing and not in a “desirable” learning setting this board claims, The dress code states this: A FIRST VIOLATION of this dress code: Administrator-Parent conference, home suspension, ALC, or in-school suspension. For the first one. not even a warning. just straight punishment for simply wearing something meant for the hot weather we might have had that day. 

For hair: Picks , which meant to keep hair neat and tangle free for textured african american hair, are not allowed. Durags, which helps keep moisture in and protect African-American hair are not allowed for these young men. Also, Beanies should be allowed for colder weather months. Beanies pose no threat to the school, and don’t cover up anyone’s identity if worn correctly. 

For clothing: Tank tops, tube tops, muscle shirts, spaghetti straps, thin straps, or tops that expose the midriff, any part of the bust, excessive part of the back, are excessively tight or are distracting in class are not permitted. As you can tell by the wording, most of this applies to females. And it clear my states “or are distracting in class” meaning that if an adult of authority decided that some piece of my clothing is somehow distracting they can just throw me in ISS or ALC. Note that some faculty have favoritism and pick on students they don’t particularly like; I’m not saying all faculty, but some.

Leggings are allowed when worn with a top that meets the dress length guidelines specified in #7.(specified in #7: it says dresses must be knee length or longer, with no slits above the knee) leggings are comfortable and safe options for test days or exams. the fact we’re not allowed to wear these is quite over the top and not necessary. 

it also states: Students in grades K thru 5 are allowed to wear shorts as part of their daily attire. Shorts should be walking shorts or Bermuda shorts. Students in grades 6 thru 12 may wear walking shorts or Bermuda shorts that are knee length. They should not be excessively tight or baggy. This is where it gets weird. Sexualizing students starting at age 10-11 by not allowing shorts above the knee. Or, as i would say, Not allowing them to expose their thigh. Walking and Burmuda shorts are very hard to find and that ultimately pushed students to have to wear jeans to school because of this rule. I wasn’t allowed to wear shorts starting in middle school but i saw so many guys wearing shorts because guys shorts that are knee length are easy to find . Girls however, not.  

On the body: No visible tattoos will be allowed. Neither male nor female students will be permitted to wear rings and/or studs in their noses, tongues, or any exposed body parts other than the ear and appropriate rings on fingers. The things parents allow their children to get and wear should be the parents and student sole choice. Not the school. Nose/body rings and studs are not distracting at all, neither are tats. that is their body, not the school. Their parents and their decisions. Not the schools.

We are at school to learn in a classroom with a real teacher. not a teacher that just sits there and makes sure you’re doing your work and not knowing what to do when you need help on something from a class. ISS and ALC because of a dress code violation is taking us away from that learning; and away from expressing ourselves and being comfortable enough to learn and comprehend what it is we’re learning. ALC and ISS shouldn’t be punishment for dressing in a manner that complies with the weather and temperature. 

Dress Codes Promote Rape Culture and Sexism. Instead of Publicly Shaming These Women and Girls let’s teach young men to not over sexualized normal female body parts. The fact that i have to attend a school that thinks the length of my shorts and dresses is more important that my education is wrong. 



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Signatures: 12Next Goal: 25
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