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Designate Gen. Gebre as persona non grata

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We, the Somali public, are here asking the Federal Government of Somalia, to designate General Gabre Heard, of Ethiopia, as persona of non grata. 

We, the Somali public, are here to tell Gen. Gabre that he is not welcome in Somalia, and thus, it is time for him to leave Somalia. We want the government of Somalia to support our call and designate him as such.

The reasons are as follows:  

Gen. Gabre Heard is responsible for the indiscriminate shelling of Mogadishu during the Ethiopian invasion of the city and use of chemical weapons including White Phosphorus, which the Geneva Convention bans. The use of White Phosphorus was reported by the world media citing the United Nations report, victims, and other sources.

Recently, Gen. Gebre has engaged activities that are contrary and beyond his IGAD role purview:

He has engaged espionage for the behest of the Ethiopian government.

He has participated vote buying scheme to influence the politics of Somalia undermining the integrity of Somalia's public institutions. 

He is responsible for the killing of some of Somalia's leading intellectuals, politicians, and civil society.

He actively engages activities that fundamentally undermine the sovereignty and the unity of Somalia and the Somali people, respectively.  

Because of those, and many other reasons, we, the Somali public, ask the Somalia Federal Government, both the executive office and the legislative branch, to designate Gen. Gebre as persona non grata. 

Signed by: WE, the Somali public, at large. 

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