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Abdullahi Sharif was an 18 year old boy who went missing on January 17, 2020. He had just finished his shift at Target, and surveillance cameras showed him leaving the store and out of view. He had called his mother to come pick him up, but when she arrived he was not there. His body was found months later in May, in the Des Moines River. Abdullahi was terrified of water. He could not swim, and had no reason to be near the river, let alone enter it. He was not suicidal, he was a happy and sweet boy loved by everyone who knew him. However, police are not looking into his case as there are “no traumatic injuries” to his body. There is very little, if any, media coverage on his mysterious death, and his family and friends believe foul play is involved. ABDULLAHI DESERVES JUSTICE! HIS FAMILY DESERVES JUSTICE! PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE so that his case is reopened and investigated into further by the Des Moines Police Department!