Sex Offenders Register

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Being a victim to sexual assault I understand the hurt and pain people have to deal with everyday being a victim. I don't want to raise my children in a country that doesn't tell me where sex offenders are in my area, or one that allows them to live near schools and parks.

I want to know (when I have my own) my child will grow up safe from the people who chose to ruin my life. This petition will hopefully reach out to everyone and help them understand why the register needs to tell us who these criminals are, what they have done and where they reside so that we as a community can protect ourselves and children. 

I kept my assault to myself for 10 years, and now my attacker is in jail where he belongs. I don't want him to get out and begin doing the same things as before

He ruined my life. Why should he be allowed to go back to reality when he's out. He should be kept on the same conditions as he was before he went to jail. My life is ruined because of this person. He doesn't deserve the right to have children, and abuse them like he did me. He doesn't deserve the right to internet access. He knew he was in the wrong when he committed the crime. He will never learn. None of them will. 

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