ATTENTION ALL MEDIA OUTLETS... Please Stop Celebritizing School Shooters!

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Attention all United States Citizens... It's time we ask the media outlets to stop celebritizing the cowards committing heinous acts of violence at schools across America. I believe if we stop giving the offenders the attention that they've desperately wanted until the point of their crime, we can hopefully discourage the next menace that would like to become infamous with the days of attention they will receive via the media outlets.

Maybe if we replace their pictures with silhouettes, and refer to them as John/Jane Doe of whichever city the act took place, we could possibly see a dramatic decline with these type of crimes. Hopefully those that are thinking about being the next copy cat will be deterred by the the shooters picture,and name NOT being displayed for days upon end as the story unfolds.

We need to do something to take away their desire to perform these acts besides waiting on a better way to control the guns that are at their disposal.

Please let's all stand united on this.

Thank you!

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