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Bray Institute of Further Education (BIFE) needs your help! BIFE currently facilitates all Higher and Further Education students in North county Wicklow, South County Dublin and beyond. It is the largest Institution of this type on the East coast, offering top of the range courses for all levels and learners.

At the moment, space is a big problem for us as we have OVER 2,000 students on our campus! We simply do not have enough room so we are in the process of expanding our college on our own campus! However we need urgent action as our beautiful campus is currently under threat of being taken away to facilitate a secondary school without our agreement. This alleged proposed deal, was SECRETLY made 2 years ago with NO members of the Board of BIFE present....... It is absolutely disgraceful treatment of our students and teachers by the state that would allow our campus to be signed away in an alleged underhand deal without notifying anyone from our institution. This outrageous secret deal was concocted 2 years ago with NO members of the Board of BIFE present and no permission from our patron!

 Bife has their own development plan and is already in stage 2 of this-“BIFE the 20/20 vision and beyond Development Plan”. This plan includes expansion on most courses and the following developments for new buildings are underway. These courses will have huge benefit for all types of learners and abilities in the community. Badly needed facilities such as:-

 *A top range Media Hub has been designed to be built for Film and Theatre students.

 *A new Animal Healthcare Hospital

 *To facilitate our current Sports courses, new facilities will include an astro turf all-weather pitch for the Bife Sports department, which will ALSO accommodate local sports organizations in the surrounding community.

 *A new Health Centre to train Health Care Workers and Nurses for employment locally.

 *A Techno Hub has been designed for training in the key areas of the IT sector such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Cyber Security, Computing and Computer Gaming.

In addition plans have been drawn up for an Incubator Centre supporting the start of new businesses in our region.

 BIFE’s vision entails all Further and Higher Education services to be developed on our campus for the people of Bray and all surrounding communities. This has been part of a carefully organized development plan for the last 7 years. However, none of the above will be possible if a secondary school is built on our campus due to the alleged deal secretly made without our knowledge. We are not against any other educational institution and welcome any institutions feeding into our college, but not to the expense of our own students. Please sign and save our campus and allow BIFE to continue to grow and service the local community. By doing so we will be able to continue to facilitate all types of students and learners both for Further AND Higher education and continue to offer them excellence in education. The Bray community and surrounding areas need this institution. Do not let this alleged secret deal take our land away. Please sign our petition to help us to SAVE BIFE’s campus for future generations and the people of Bray who love this place!